Monday, May 11, 2009

camping in zaleski...

some info you may want to know if you are going to go camping in Zaleski State Park:

1. pack a sleeping bag that "fits" you, or the right size.

i got lost in my sleeping bag, while daddy had trouble getting into his.

2. don't turn your back on the jetboil.

dad went to get silverware and the water started boiling over like crrrraaaaazzzzzyyyy.

3. back 2 large bottles of water

so you don't have to drink your own urine. HAHA (we never had to. we are just kidding around)

4. don't look into one of those lights that people wear when they go into caves.

dad about blinded me. not funny.

5. tie a belt around a tree and then hook your bag to it.

(it's an old indian trick an old guy taught me. ;) haha , dad.)

6. watch out for turkey hunters.

we passed one and the guy scared the crap out of me. NO JOKE.


1 comment:

  1. Man! I forgot all about the turkey hunter! He kind of spooked me out, too. He was camo'd from head to toe including the face mask.