Monday, May 25, 2009

Sorry i haven't blogged in a while but i have had a long week.

So to start, i had a soccer tournament in Carmel, Indiana this weekend. I rode up with my best friend and her mom, which was fun. we won our first game 4-0 and our second game 1-0. to make it to the semis we had to win. we ended up losing which was a bummer...but overall it was really a great tournament for our whole team.

we end our season this week with 2 games...then(ugh!) soccer tryouts the following week. soccer tryouts are interesting when you are watching all the players that think they are the best when my cat could fake them out trying to win the ball...teehee(:

On the other side of my life...(school) things are going great. I cant believe there is only 8 more days of school left.

i will try to keep you posted more.

p.s. im trying to change up the whole color thing(:


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