Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just what I didn't expect from Time Warner

Well, it's off. I called TWC today and had them disconnect my cable TV. I was all tingly with anticipation of some run-around phone call with multiple "supervisors" offering new promotions, and do you know what I got?

Really Good Customer Service.

DAMN!!! Are you frikkin' kidding me?!?! I wanted the shenanigans. I wanted the antics. I wanted the hard sell, the soft sell, the up-sell. The seashells. I wanted all of that stuff so I'd have this unbelievable funny blog entry. And what did I get?

Really Good Customer Service.

A pleasant-mannered customer service agent named "Kitty" helped me discontinue my service, gave me my new broadband only monthly charges, and helped me arrange a time for the TW techs to come to pick up my cable box.

PPshht! Where was the fun in that? Stupid Time Warner with there stupid good customer service agent...

So anyway the TV's off. Nyah!

By the way, I also called Tivo and asked them to cancel my Tivo contract. And guess what I got there? Yeah.. Yeah.. it was really good customer service, again. But, you kind of expect that from Tivo. They just understand. BUT! A customer service agent there named "Scott" suggested that rather than cancel my contract - he'd recommend that I just "suspend" my service for a period of time. He suspended my billing for a few months, and said it'd automatically restart at the end of September. He also let me know that even though my service was suspended, I still had access to many of the broadband features like Amazon's download service and the Live365 music channels.

Thank you, Tivo, for getting it right (again).

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