Monday, May 25, 2009

this past weekend.

So, over memorial weekend i had a soccer tournament in dayton. It was a longgggggggggggggg weekend. my team was 1-1-1. My grandma came to watch a few of my games. But after all my games were done and we got that sad news that we failed to get into the finals, we decided to go to the dayton air force museum. (which, if i do say so myself, WAS FREAKING AWESOME!) We saw a whole bunch of planes obviously. But my favorite one i saw was the something something peacemaker. Dad was telling me all about it. This is what i asked him:

Katie:"why do they call it the (something i forget) peacemaker?
Katie: "it's more of the 'blow everyone up with a bomb forcing them to make peace with you maker'."
Dad: haha

Over all the weekend was fun. except for the almost unbearable heat and uncontrollable hiccups in the museum(very embarassing). haha.

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