Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All's quiet on the home front.

All's quiet on the home front. Got the AC fixed the other day. When the house hit an all time high of 80 deg. at 11 pm, I was done with the ceiling fans. As for the girls, they are dealing with the late afternoon blah's. Most of the time their ideas involve money on what they want to do. They've been asking me "What can I do to earn some money?" - mostly for the pool concessions (not like they couldn't pack their own food - it just doesn't taste the same evidently) or for the quick bike rides to some local establishments. Mike has had to explain to them (as noted in his blog) what is a payable chore. It's been nice having the van washed or the wheels cleaned (don't think I've done that in years). Could use the inside of the van swept too...wonder who will take that offer.

As for me, I've finished my 3rd book and getting ready to start the next. Trying to keep myself occupied in the evening and off to bed earlier than normal (still working on the latter). I'm glad that Mike created this blog site, we are finding out that he is such a great writer. I look forward to his entries and also the girls'.


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  1. I have a few books to read if you want them