Sunday, June 14, 2009

Honey, I shrunk the Honey-Do List!

There's always been about a dozen things on my "Honey-Do" list that never seem to get done.
  1. That nail has been sticking out of the rain spouting for no less than 3 years.
  2. I really need to blow up the tires on my bicycle.
  3. The bushes could stand a trimming.
  4. I've got some flowers to transplant.
  5. Catch up on those old magazines.
  6. Straighten up the garage.
  7. Read that book.
  8. Clean the grill
Funny thing is, without television, these things that used to be avoided are now embraced.

Now, let's make no mistake about it. I'm not a busy-body kind of guy. I can waste time with the best of them. If procrastination were an Olympic sport, I'd not only win the gold medal, you'd hear Bob Costas screaming "Oh, YES!! He stuck the landing!"

But, these days these little Honey-Do items just get checked off one after another. I'll be sitting on my back patio, and I'll remember something I've been meaning to do. Then, I do it. In the middle of completing that one, I might even start another one. In a couple of hours, I might even look back and see that I have been <gasp!> productive.

Today, at one point, I sat down on my back patio and couldn't think of a single thing that I had left on my Honey-Do list. I sat and I thought..., and I sat... and I thought... Almost Pooh-like, if you will.

After a few minutes, I just sat...and I sat... Hey.. this is alright... AAaaahhh...

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