Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tips with aiming practice!

Okay, so my dad and I went on a hiking trip to Zaleski to hike around the south trail. We were aiming for the campsite D, but along the way we found this like tucked away little campsite that we both really liked.

Tips on finding a new campsite:
  • Make sure you know that there is going to be NO thunderstoms, not even one coming.
  • Have some rain gear( just in case it rains )
  • When it rains make sure that you put your belongings in the tent so they don't get wet (we learned that the hard way).
  • And make sure the campsite isn't to high above ground.

So my mom packed this mix of fun stuff in a bag. Some things that were in it was raisins(eww), peanuts, m&m's, almonds and cashews. So my dad an i were sitting on this rock edge and we were really bored so we started throwing the raisins at a target. We both don't really like raisins so it wasn't a very great loss. When we were out of raisins we went onto cashews then peanuts etc... It was a fun trip except the rain which my dad explained in his blog.

Talk to you later


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